RoadRail: Wheels – Gear – Parts

“Re-Inventing” the Wheel for Road and Rail

RoadRail specializes in “Re-Invented” Wheels, Gear, and Parts for Hi-Rail work trucks and equipment. Our high strength aluminum truck wheels solve the long standing problem of on road instability and poor ride quality found in most Hi-Rail work trucks. This specially engineered wheel/tire combination allows us to equip the Chevrolet Suburban 1500 safely for Road to Rail travel for the first time in over 20 years as well as a wide variety of work truck variations.

RoadRail forged steel rail wheels are the perfect replacement wheel for all models of Rail Gear. Our wheels are engineered to last longer, wear better, and perform above original manufacturer equipment (OEM) standards. We sell our forged wheels below cast wheel prices as an aftermarket improvement.

RoadRail engineers have developed a vast array of replacement parts for Rail Gear applications for work trucks and industrial equipment. We offer custom solutions for all Hi-Rail vehicles.