Rail Wheels

Re-Inventing the Wheel for Road and Rail

RoadRail has “Re-invented the Wheel” with our Forged Steel Rail Wheels. We offer replacement rail wheels and custom rail wheels for various railroad vehicle and machine applications.

Rail Gear is a very competitive market. There are many rail gear manufacturers that have their rail wheels manufactured from cast steel or iron followed by a partial machining process. RoadRail offers replacement rail wheels that are made of hardened forged steel that has been quenched and tempered. Forged steel is stronger than cast steel or iron and has better wear resistance. Therefore, a forged steel rail wheel that will definitely last longer is an after-market improvement.

RoadRail wheels are interchangeable with other manufacturers rail wheels. However, our rail wheels are “re-invented” to improve the strength, balance, wear, insulation and the overall ride quality on the rails.

We are not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM),therefore, we don’t have the mindset of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), therefore we can offer and better more durable product that in many cases is the same cost or less. The choice is yours. When comparing our wheels to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you will find that we have “Re-invented the Wheel” in a way that performs better than the original and we sell them at a fair price.