Truck Wheels

Re-Inventing the Wheel for Road and Rail

RoadRail has “Re-invented the Wheel” with our robust truck wheels made of high strength aluminum. They are naturally precision balanced through our manufacturing process. The wheels direct mount onto the truck axle without the need of any special adapters or spacers. The standard tires used for hi-rail gear applications are 245 mm (9.65″) wide. Our truck wheel uses a 305 mm (12″) wide tire.  That extra 60 mm (2.35″) provides a wider tire track for improved on road stability. Twenty percent (20%) more surface area adds stability, balance, and stopping power you will feel.

Trucks built by Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford Motor Companies are factory designed with wide tires to reduce vehicle roll while cornering. This is why RoadRail has designed our truck wheels with a wider tire providing more stability.  Our Wheels are positioned so that the inner part of our tire rides on the rail head and supports the vehicle while traveling on the rail with an equally strong tire.

 We had our wheels independently tested for millions of cycles under maximum load and adverse conditions. The independent test used for this application is the same test that Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford Motor Company use to test their wheels. RoadRail chose to construct these wheels out of high strength aluminum for weight reduction, so the truck can carry more payload. This is the same reason original equipment manufacturers (OEM) make their wheels out of aluminum. When comparing our aluminum wheels to the railway industry standard steel spacers and steel wheels, we net out a savings of 250 lbs. per vehicle which allows the truck to carry 250 lbs. more payload.

The wheels normally used on a hi-rail gear truck are wheels from a Ford F-550 with a special adapter. These wheels cannot be balanced as well as our aluminum wheels, therefore you simply cannot achieve the same ride on the road as a normal truck with factory wheels. Thus, RoadRail’s Wheel/Tire combination is a game changer! The ride is no longer compromised. The performance of our RoadRail wheels is the same as a factory equipped truck with standard tires and wheels. RoadRail wheels provide excellent ride quality in fair weather conditions and additional safety and stability in hazardous driving environments.

 We are aware of other aluminum wheels on the market for hi-rail gear applications. These wheels are narrow and are only compatible with a narrow tire. This tire/wheel combination only provides a weight reduction and a slight improvement in ride quality. they do not solve the problem of improving the stability for on-road travel especially during adverse weather. The only way to achieve an acceptable level of stability on the road is with a wide tire track. RoadRail has solved this problem by “Re-Inventing the Wheel”.  Our RoadRail tough truck wheels are made of high strength aluminum for optimum weight and performance. Our wheels are light weight, robust, and are positioned to provide the wide tire track equal to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) stability standards and exceed FMVSS126 federal safety standards.

We offer wheels for Chevy 2500/3500 and Ford F-250/F350. painted automotive gray or polished steel.

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